Tirolern Trail Day

In the mood for trails in the Innsbruck area? We will show you the classics and one or two surprises in two days!

We choose the tours depending on the riding level and requirements of the group. The tour should remain for everybody doable and if you have to get off the bike and push it, also no problem.

We want to drive cool trials with you and enjoy the grin on your face!

The geographical location of Innsbruck allows us to be extremely flexible in the choice of trails, we can also switch to South Tyrol if the weather conditions require it.

I am looking forward to cycling together at the place where i live.


Safe driving on S1-S2 level of the single trail scale, fitness for 1000 m on the ascent, lifting the rear wheel shouldn’t be too much of a problem.


Full suspension bike with 150 mm suspension travel with which you can also pedal uphill.

Knee & elbow protectors, helmet (please no full face) and gloves.

We find food on every tour, but a little energy boost in between is advisable.


2 days guiding

Pictures of you on the trail


4th-5th June 2016 (Sat – Sun)


160.- € with 4 participants possible costs for lift, transfer are to be paid by yourself.